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[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Spoon – Inside Out Lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu

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Time’s gone inside out
Time gets distorted with
This intense gravity1
I don’t got time for holy rollers2
But then they wash my feet3
And I won’t be their soldier4

There’s intense gravity
Yeah, there’s intense gravity5
I’m just your satellite6
I’m just your satellite

Ooh, and I know that time’s gone inside out
And now it’s only like we told you
Hm, oh then they wash my feet7
They do not make me complete8

Break out a character for me9
Time keeps on going lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Spoon – Inside Out Lyrics download mp3 when
We got nothing else to give10
We got nothing else to give

Ooh, ’cause our time’s gone inside out
I don’t make time for holy rollers
Hm, there’s only you I need
They do not make me complete11


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